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After 150 years the Alice trilogy is finally complete.


In 1862, Lewis Carroll’s juvenile heroine first fell down the rabbit hole, one warm summer’s afternoon.  In the process, she became irrevocably associated with the fantasy nonsense genre and gave birth to a legend that has enthralled readers from Victorian times through to the present day.  During that time, the Alice books have enjoyed enormous popularity around the world, bringing delight and wonder to countless numbers of children and adults alike. 

​The Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass books are now joined by a completely new Alice story that preserves the enchantment of the original Alice narratives and heralds a renewed interest in the Alice cycle of stories. 

In this new story Alice follows her kitten under the bedcovers as she enters a whole new world of surreal fantasy, where the boundary of reality blurs and common sense becomes unhinged. 

Along the way Alice meets extraordinary characters (such as the Queen and the Rabbit), becomes Prime Minister (and places the country’s entire economic prosperity in jeopardy), learns what it is to be a political animal and meets the most marvellous creature that ever existed! 


Join Alice on her strange journey as she learns what it really takes to be a cat, discovers the amazing power of pepper and ponders the reality of life and dreams!

'Maybe I should take just a little peek,' said Alice, in a mischievous fashion.  'Then I will go straight home and tell everyone about the simply marvellous things that exist down there.'

She took another look.

The darkness certainly looked inviting.

Not at all like being caught in the woods after dark or waking up at night from a bad dream.

It was quite a different sort of darkness altogether.

'Very much like just being asleep,' thought Alice, giving another yawn.

'So comforting in a warm and wonderful sort of way,' she mused, as she half closed her eyes several times.

In another instant she had closed them completely and her adventures had begun.

‘Maybe I should take just a little peek,’ said Alice …

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