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... cat push past her legs, ‘you are so naughty not settling down to sleep for the night.’


The kitten ignored her and burrowed all the harder until she reached Alice’s feet.


Alice watched the writhing lump in the bed as it came to a stop.


‘Whatever are you doing under there?’ she asked, as she stifled a yawn.


The kitten made a half turn under the covers and started playing with Alice’s toes.


‘Chasing imaginary mice, no doubt,’ Alice continued, in a sleepy voice.


‘Only you won’t find any down there, I am sure,’ she added hopefully.


‘At least, I mean that I hope that you don’t ... or do I mean that I am sure that I hope that you don’t?’ for by now, Alice was quite tired and her thoughts were starting to take on a life of their own.


‘Imagine, for instance, what you might find down there if you really went looking,’ she said to herself, as she pulled the covers over her head and peered into the darkness.  ‘There might be a whole different world down there for all we know!


‘Maybe I should take just a little peek,’ said Alice, in a mischievous fashion.  ‘Then I will go straight home and tell everyone about the simply marvellous things that exist down there.’


She took another look.


The darkness certainly looked inviting.


Not at all like being caught in the woods after dark or waking up at night from a bad dream.

It was quite ...

‘Maybe I should take just a little peek,’ said Alice …

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