... you lucky thing!’ cooed the kitten, as Alice approached.


At first Alice could not make out what she was referring to and then she saw that under each of the kitten’s forepaws was a soft grey shape with what looked like a piece of brown twine tied to the end of each object.


‘Our next lesson,’ said the kitten, ‘is How to eat a mouse.


Alice screwed up her face.


She wasn’t sure that she really wanted to be a cat quite that much.


‘But first,’ continued the kitten, before Alice could say anything, ‘you have to catch your mouse!’ and with that she lifted her left paw and let the first mouse go.


The startled mouse sat up and blinked for a moment and then made a direct line for Alice.


‘Catch him!’ cried the kitten, in obvious delight.


Alice jumped to her feet and screamed as the mouse ran towards her.


‘Don’t let him go!’ called the kitten, but it was too late and the first mouse disappeared into the semi-darkness.


‘Really Alice!’ said the kitten, with a measure of disgust in her voice.  ‘That was a perfectly good mouse and you just let it go.  Whatever shall I do with you?’


‘Oh Kitty!’ said Alice, ‘I didn’t mean to let it go.’


‘Then try this one!’ cried the kitten, lifting her right paw and releasing the second mouse.


The second mouse didn’t wait like the first one but took off instantly and was gone before Alice could ...