... me to do,’ she added, ‘and all that I need is the patience and resolve of a cat in order to do it.  Why, I have seen cats sit for hours, just waiting for something, anything, to happen.  Maybe I should imagine that I am sitting on the hearth in front of a warm fire in mid-winter with a full tummy of fish and a saucer of milk.


‘That is it!’ cried Alice, and she set her mind to imagining what it would feel like to be a cat under such circumstances.


‘Why, I could imagine that I have a little girl all of my own who can hug me and cuddle me whenever I want,’ she said.  ‘And she could bring me choice treats from her plate and feed me cream from the pantry when no one was looking.  And I would call her Meow so that she knew her name whenever I called out to her and she would come running right away.  How grand that would all be!’


All this felt incredibly comforting to Alice, and she resolved to stay where she was until the kitten returned.


Before too long, Alice started to get very sleepy again, so she yawned and stretched and made herself comfortable by padding the floor with both of her hands.

After a few minutes of this she curled up on the ground and closed her eyes.

In no time at all she was asleep once more.              



Chapter III: Rabbit in a Stew

In which Alice befriends the Welsh Rabbit


When she awoke, Alice found herself ...

‘… I am sitting on the hearth in front of a warm fire …’