... the Rabbit before firmly deciding that the best course of action would be to make herself known to the creature.


‘For, if I do,’ she said, ‘he must surely be no threat to me as he is just a rabbit, and I do so desperately need someone to help me to discover where it is that I am.’


So she emerged from her hiding place and called out to the Rabbit.


The Rabbit bolted upright in surprise at the sight of her and leapt clumsily to the far side of the path, tripping and falling over in the process.


Alice rushed to his side and helped him to his feet.


‘Oh my ears!’ cried the Rabbit, clutching at his chest.  ‘You gave me quite a start!’


‘I am so sorry,’ said Alice, in her most apologetic voice.  ‘I do hope that I didn’t startle you too badly?’


‘No, no,’ said the Rabbit, sitting down on the ground and fanning himself with his pocket handkerchief.  ‘Rabbits do tend to overreact to sudden surprises and I am, after all, a rabbit, myself.’

He took several deep breaths and mopped his brow.

Alice waited for him to speak again, but the Rabbit just kept dabbing his forehead and patting his chest.

‘This is all very strange,’ said Alice, after what she thought to be an acceptable period of time.   ‘I am sure that things are not as they were and I just can’t understand it at all.’

‘Pray explain,’ said the Rabbit, as ...

The Rabbit bolted upright in surprise at the sight of her …